2017-18 School Year Parent Letter 

To help make the 2017-18 TASC school year program a success please make note of the following:

Contact Information

​Program Directors: Casey Brophy & Marino Iandolo

Email: TASC365@gmail.com

Phone: 914-337-5376 ext.1242

Instagram: TASC_365

Facebook: Tuckahoe After School Care 


​Policies & Procedures

  • ​Please notify your child's teacher in writing or via email of the days they are attending TASC.  Students will not be released to TASC without written consent.

  • To avoid confusion we encourage new kindergarten parents to contact their child's teacher directly to ensure they are released to the program.


  • Please notify TASC of any allergies or special needs

  • Parents/guardians listed on the registration form will be authorized to pick-up from the program- please notify TASC of any other authorized pick-ups.

  • Monthly tuition payments are due by the 5th of each month- payments can be submitted at pick-up or sent into the Cottle school in an envelope addressed to TASC.  Invoices will only be sent for late payments and will be subjected to late fees. 

  • Occasional Use payments MUST BE PAID DAILY upon pick-up/drop-off. 

Morning Program 7a.m.-8:30a.m.

  • ​​Drop off at the cafeteria entrance

  • Please do not drop off prior to 7a.m. or enter the building until greeted by a TASC counselor

  • Breakfast will be provided- cereal, fruit, muffins, granola bars

  • Students will be escorted to their grade specific designated meeting areas prior to the start of the school day.

​Afternoon Program 3p.m.-6:30p.m.

  • ​​Pick-up at the Cottle school front entrance

  • Please bring ID until sufficiently acquainted with the Front Desk staff member

  • Snack will be provided at 3:15 p.m. & 6:00 p.m.- with a choice of two or more options but students may pack their own snack

  • Last pick-up is promptly at 6:30p.m. - pick-ups after 6:30p.m. will result in a fine of a $15

Occasional Use Program

  • ​Please notify the school of the days attending the program

  • The occasional use fee is $30/day for the first child and $15 for any additional sibling

  • The occasional use fee for the morning program is $15 per child 

  • Occasional use should be paid daily upon pick-up​

Staff & Programs

  • ​TASC JR. is a program specifically designed for kindergarten and first grade students and is located in the kindergarten wing of the WEC school.

  • For the last 13+ years TASC has been overseen by Executive Director: Casey Brophy & Program Director: Marino Iandolo 

  • Our staff is composed of highly trained and screened young professionals.  Our head counselors are college graduates with degrees and experience in education.  Our counselors are local high school and college students, many who are former TASC students!


  • Personal electronics are allowed during designated times at TASC

  • TASC is not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen property

  • Personal electronics can be banned or confiscated for irresponsible/inappropriate use

  • All content on personal electronics must be age appropriate in nature 


  • Appropriate behavior is expected at all times and our number one rule is: RESPECT.

  • As stated in the rules and regulations TASC reserves the right to suspend or terminate any student who is unable to adjust to the structures or policies of the program.

  • Parents will always be notified of any concerns regarding behavior.


  • ​​Homework and studying help will be provided daily in a quiet area.

  • TASC counselors are able to assist with general homework help and encouragement but are not able to offer one on one tutoring. 

  • We encourage all parents to speak with their child about their expectations regarding homework and to review the work each night.


  • The TASC program will follow the Tuckahoe School district schedule for closings and delays.