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2019-20    School Year Parent Letter 

To help make the 2019-20 TASC school year program a success please make note of the following:

Contact Information

​Program Directors: Casey Brophy & Marino Iandolo


Phone: 914-337-5376 ext.1242

Instagram: TASC_365

Facebook: Tuckahoe After School Care 

​Morning Program 7a.m.- 8:30a.m. 

  • ​​DROP-OFF AT THE TOP ENTRANCE - by the walker line.

  •  Please do not drop off at the Cafeteria Entrance. 

  • Please do not drop off prior till 7a.m. or enter the building until greeted by a TASC counselor. 

  • Breakfast will be provided- cereal, fruit, granola bars.

  • Students will be escorted to the their classes at 8:30a.m.

 ​Afternoon Program 2:30p.m. - 6:30p.m. 


  • Please bring ID until acquainted and recognized by the staff.

  • Parents/guardians are not allowed to past the front entrance for safety reasons. To enter the program please contact the directors to schedule a visit. If you need to speak with one of the directors please notify the front desk counselor. 

  • Snack will be provided at 3:15p.m. & 6p.m.- choice of two options but students may pack their own snack.

  • Please pick-up promptly as the program closes at 6:30p.m. daily - pick-ups after 6:30p.m. will result in a fine of a $15 per child. 

  • Families registered for early pick-up must pick-up by 4:30p.m. daily.  There is a fee of $15 per child for any pick-ups after 4:30p.m.

​Occasional Use Program 

  • ​Please notify your child's teacher on the days they will be attending TASC.

  • The occasional use fee is $30 for the first child and $15 for each sibling. The fee is the same for any amount of time attending the program.  

  • Occasional use should be paid daily at time of drop-off or pick-up.​


​ Policies & Procedures 

  • ​Please notify your child's teacher in writing of the days they are attending TASC. Students will not be released to TASC without written consent.

  • To avoid confusion we encourage new kindergarten parents to contact their child's teacher directly to ensure they are released to the program.


  • Please notify TASC of any allergies or special needs. 

  • Parents/guardians listed on the registration form will be authorized to pick-up from the program- please notify TASC of any other authorized pick-ups.

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