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About Us

Over 30 years ago, the TASC program was created to offer affordable, appropriate and convenient before and after school care for working families.


TASC is a non-profit program operating in the Tuckahoe school district. Even though the program is not directly affiliated with the TUFSD, TASC and TUFSD have always maintained a supportive and positive relationship.


TASC is a fully-licensed before and after school program which is designed to provide appropriate supervision for school-aged children grades K-8. The T.A.S.C. program offers flexible schedules that may include any amount or combination of days each week/month.


Mission Statement

Our goal is to create a safe and nurturing environment through social, academic and recreational activities in an atmosphere which fosters success for all.

While at TASC, students receive the opportunity to get homework completed while also engaging in a wide range of activities: Arts/Crafts, Outdoor play, Counselor led activities in the gym/cafeteria, the use of chrome books for homework/recreation, Cooking and so much more... TASC students will have the opportunity to do all of this among peers along with the new friends that are waiting to be made here at TASC!


Essentially, T.A.S.C. is everything great about a play date, it's just NOT at your house! 

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