Hi TASC Fam, 

After much deliberation and with deep regret, we have had to make the difficult decision to temporarily close the TASC after school care program. Our last day of operations will be Wednesday, November 25th. We deeply apologize for the inconvenience this will cause the TASC families, staff and students. We understand that this decision will have a big impact in your family's daily routine.  

Due to the pandemic, TASC has faced many challenges this school year and we have reached the point where we can no longer continue operating the program. Many of our returning families remember how TASC looked in previous years; operating in the Cottle school at max enrollment of 150+ students a day and offering flexible and accommodating daily attendance.


We opened the 2020-21 program in September at an alternate location with a fraction of our regular enrollment of under 20 students. Our hopes were that the enrollment would rise as parents went back to work and we would be able to return to Cottle. Unfortunately with the pandemic numbers rising in our area we have seen a decline in enrollment as students and families face the hardship of mandatory quarantines and employment losses. We have already met with the TUFSD administration and at this time they can not allow the TASC program to return to Cottle. 


Many day care programs in Westchester have had to close permanently due to these same challenges. If TASC continues to operate in these conditions the program could face the same fate. Even though this decision is a difficult one, it is our only chance to return at some point in the future. 


We would like to reopen the program later in the school year but it will be dependent on a few factors:

  • TASC Returning to Cottle - If TASC can return to Cottle we would be able to accommodate more students and we would no longer have the over head of rental fees. 

  • Increase in Enrollment - If we are able to secure and maintain higher enrollment numbers we could reopen at the Tuckahoe Community Center. 


Many families have asked how they can help to ensure TASC reopens later in the school year:

  • More than ever we need families to advocate to the TUFSD on behalf of TASC. 

  • We would also like to hear from families who were planning to return to the TASC program later this school year. 


Thank you for supporting and trusting TASC to care for your children during this time. We care deeply for all of the children and families and are saddened by the circumstances that have left us with this very difficult decision. Please do not hesitate to let us know how we can be of further assistance to you during this transition.  We have many TASC counselors who will be available for after school babysitting.


Thank you for your dedication to TASC and we look forward to serving your family again in the future!  

Casey & Marino

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